Feb 2018

Training dates are set for Austin.

New Collector App for damage assessment is developed and ready.

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Training Sites for 2019 Needed

If you can host a Tx EGRT training class, please contact David Allen for details.


Training Classes ​on performing disaster response mapping

In order for us to get more people on our call-up list, we are now allowing candidates to complete the FEMA training AFTER the Tx EGRT training!

Check out the training page for information on the prerequisites for the Tx EGRT training. TRAINING

The next free training sessions will be held:

April 12 - Austin, Texas

  Freese and Nichols training room

  10431 Morado Circle

  Austin, 78759  

The class schedule is 8:30 am to 4:30 pm with a 75 minute break at lunch. The registration links are on the training page, and you will get more details on the location when you register.

Texas Emergency GIS Response Team (EGRT): A rapidly deployable GIS resource built to support mapping needs during a disaster response and recovery efforts.

Once trained, members can elect to:

  • Respond to just their agency's jurisdiction
  • Respond to their local area or county
  • Respond anywhere in the region shown
  • Assist in a remote capacity

It's your choice!! But regardless of what you decide, you will be prepared to be effective in an emergency operation.


Call the EGRT Number :

1-844-TEX-EGRT  or


Region 1 - Ext 801

Region 2 - Ext 802

Region 4 - Ext 804

Region 6 - Ext 806

Unsure or Other Region?

                               - Ext 800

Non-Emergency Contact:

David Allen at 817-371-9167

Provide details on the incident and the level of response requested.

To Request Mapping Support for a Disaster Response

for disaster mapping