The Disaster District 4 Garland EOC. Tx EGRT produced several maps during the event.

Texas EGRT members produced the plume map to help identify evacuation zones, and used the COP template to track all actions.

The City of Red Oak designed and executed a full-scale drill that included a rail car tipping over and releasing Anhydrous Ammonia and Butane.

Texas EGRT was called using the toll free number and members responded from their offices as though this was a real incident. Responding were Mike Knapp, Ron Drake, and Rasheed Khaleed, all of whom arrived in less than 45 minutes. David Allen was present as an observer.

Two laptops were set up; one in the Operations Section and one in the Planning Section, in addition to a medium format printer in the Planning Section. Maps produced included the plume areas for the chemical spill, evacuated areas, closed roads, shelter sites, and school sites.

The event was a great way to test both our response time and the use of the Texas EGRT templates and datasets.

Dallas Ebola - Oct 12 - 18, 2014

Red Oak Chemical Spill, Oct 3rd, 2014 - Exercise

for disaster mapping

Texas EGRT was called into the Disaster District 4 Garland EOC to provide mapping support for the Ebola outbreak in Dallas. Over 8 days 15 different members responded, producing maps of the cleanup sites, hazmat material routes, locations of monitored contacts, and much more.

The event allowed us to test our templates and data in a real situation, and tested our ability to staff the DDC post for over a week. Many thanks go out to the City of Fort Worth Mapping Team who provided members for our staffing projections into the second week of activation.

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