for disaster mapping

We can provide mapping support for:

Tornadoes (damage assessment)


Major Accidents

Chemical spills



... and more.

How to call for a Texas EGRT Response

Call the Texas EGRT Number :
1-844-TEX-EGRT  or

Region 1 - Ext 801
Region 2 - Ext 802
Region 4 - Ext 804
Region 6 - Ext 806
Unsure? - Ext 800
** Other regions will come online in 2017 **

Non-Emergency contact:

David Allen - 817-371-9167

Provide these details:

Incident type

Reporting Location

Travel authorization (if needed for reimbursements)

Specific job assignment

Name and phone number of contact on-site 

Expected time of arrival

Transportation arrangements (if other than personal vehicle)

Contact procedures during travel

Expected duration of assignment

Expected working conditions