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How is Texas EGRT funded?

There are currently several revenue sources for Texas EGRT, with the most visible being the sale of the jackets and T-Shirts to members. Other revenue sources include donations from agencies that have received a Tx EGRT response (although it isn't required), or from agencies that have used Tx EGRT to help with preparedness plans. Private donations from individuals are also accepted, and a tax receipt can be provided.

Donations are used to cover software costs, equipment maintenance costs, training costs, and ongoing expenses such as the website and toll free number. Money may also be used to cover some of the expenses incurred during a disaster response (such as meals and lodging).

Texas EGRT is a registered 501 (c)(3), and as such any contributions made to the group are tax deductible.  To make a donation, you can use P{ayPal to send money through the online account, or mail a check to PO Box 1938, Euless, TX, 76039. Make sure to include an e-mail address so that a receipt can be sent out.

The TxEGRT PayPal account is linked to:

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David Allen

State Director Of Operations